Eilat Restaurants

Coffee Shops in Eilat

The coffee shops were founded as a result of the rising popularity of coffee on the 17th century in Europe. That was the peak of a process which started on the 16th century. The first cafes of Europe made people from different classes meet each other for the first time. Soon enough, the cafes became meeting points for journalists, authors, poets and philosophers and held the sparkle of a new cultural revolution. Some say that the first encyclopedia was mostly written in coffee shops. Nowadays, coffee shops are still meeting points that combine discussions in social matters, politics, gossip and sometimes business, with light food and hot coffee.
The coffee shops in Eilat are divided in two. One one side, there are many coffee shops that are branches of Israeli coffee chains, such as Aroma, Cafe Cafe, Cafe Neto, Greg, Cacao and Neeman. On the other side, local cafes privately owned which hold authentic Eilati atmosphere and intimacy that corporations just can't have. The most recommended Eilati cafes are Cafe Bonita, Cafe BZ, Shibolim, Chocola and News Coffee.