Eilat Restaurants

Restaurants in Eilat

The economy of Eilat relies mostly on tourism, and tourism in Eilat is based on the city's natural assets – the desert and the beach. One human quality which all tourists in Eilat share - the beach makes us hungry.
The people of Eilat are well known for their hospitality. Along the years, they have launched many restaurants with different styles and cuisines. Italian, Asian, French, American, South American, North African, home cooking, fast food, gourmet, steak houses, fish, sea food, bakeries, health food, dairy food and kosher food. An impressive variety of styles for a small town at the end of the desert.
As restaurants open up and close down very often, there are a few restaurants in Eilat which have been in the business for decades, such as Eddie's Hideaway, Pago Pago and The Last Refuge. The veteran restaurants are very popular among Eilat's residents, as well as tourists. At the end of the day, we all like to come back to what we know and love, that's how these restaurants became an integral part of Eilat lovers vacation route.

list of Eilat Restaurants:

Falafel Avshi EilatHome of the Golden Falafel08-6371637Neviot 4, Eilat
Agadir Restaurants EilatLegendary Hamburger08-6333777/9Kamen 10, Eilat
Olla Restaurant EilatSpanish cuisine and Tapas Bar08-6325566Tarshish 7, Eilat
Achla Restaurant EilatKosher Israeli Grill08-6342555Kamen 1, Eilat
Italica Restaurant EilatFresh pasta and pizza053-3337536Kampen 6, Eilat
Il Pentolino Restaurant EilatItalian pasta and fresh bagel08-6343430057-9441750Hatmarim 112, Eilat
El Gaucho Restaurant EilatThe largest steakhouse chain in Israel08-6331549Hatzoref 5, Eilat
Angelina Restaurant EilatPizza and Pasta in the Marina08-6363439057-9443494Antiv 3, Eilat
Entrecote Restaurant EilatPrime meat grill1-700-508989Hamelaha 6, Eilat
Entrecote La Plage Restaurant EilatGrill and meat restaurant08-6340287Shvil hayam 5, Eilat
Entrecote Express (Resko Center) EilatTake the meat with you072-2772304Evrona, Eilat
Entrecote Express (Ice Mall) EilatBarbeque and grill stand1-700-508-989Kampen 8, Eilat
Cafe Aroma (Ambassador) EilatCoffee by the sea08-6371010Yahalom, Eilat
Cafe Aroma (North Coast) EilatIsraeli espresso bar08-6313715Shvil hayam 11, Eilat
Cafe Aroma (Big) EilatTake a break for coffee and cake08-6318445Hasatat 20, Eilat
Erlich EilatMore than just a sandwich08-6323770057-7440770Yotam 1/5, Eilat
Ashkara Grill Bar Restaurant EilatGrilled meats and Moroccan cuisine08-6587444Hamelaha 18, Eilat
Etrogim Restaurant EilatCatering services for any occasion08-6318478050-3853824Hatvuna 16, Eilat
Baguette Dolphin (Red Canyon) EilatEilat's favorite baguette since 1980053-6375440Hatmarim 4, Eilat
Baguette Dolphin (Tourist Area) EilatFresh, filling and delicious baguettes08-6373270Yotam 1, Eilat
Bar Beach Restaurant EilatDelicious meals and wonderful sea breeze08-6325058053-6460111Dereh metsarim, Eilat
Barbis Restaurant EilatAuthentic American diner08-6342404Tarshish 19, Eilat
Ginger Restaurant EilatAsian restaurant and bar08-6372517Yotam 3, Eilat
Hanni’s Jachnun EilatReal Jewish Yemenite Jachnun08-6316741050-5486968Hamelaha 1, Eilat
Thai Corner Restaurant EilatSushi and Asian wok dishes08-6374447Hatmarim 12, Eilat
La Cucina Restaurant EilatItalian gourmet08-6368932057-9442736Shvil hayam 3, Eilat
Jacknis Restaurant EilatHomemade Moroccan food08-6376534Anafa 1, Eilat
McDonald’s EilatWorld's largest fast food chain054-2399038Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Park Avenue Restaurant EilatEilat's number one bar and restaurant08-6333303Tarshish 24, Eilat
Falafel - Shawarma Halev Harahav EilatThe best shawarma in Eilat08-6371919Hatmarim 43, Eilat
Falafel HaShalom EilatFalafel BoutiqueHatmarim 14, Eilat
Falafel Hatuca EilatAn authentic falafel shop08-6325181Anafa 1, Eilat
Falafel Factory EilatHealthy green falafel08-6640650Sinai 7, Eilat
Falafel Factory Shachamon EilatBeloved local falafel08-6640650Bnei israel 4, Eilat
Pastory Restaurant EilatFine Italian gourmet073-7822969Tarshish 7, Eilat
Froyke Buffet EilatCustom made sandwiches077-5060595Yotam 1, Eilat
Pad Thai Restaurant EilatAuthentic Thai stir fry08-6336631057-5297793Habursekai 1, Eilat
Chooka Restaurant EilatFar Eastern cuisine1-700-700-713Kampen 8, Eilat
Casa Do Brazil Restaurant EilatBrazilian grill restaurant08-6323032Hativat golani 3, Eilat
Cafe Optimi EilatIntimate caf? and restaurant08-6376510050-9995715Dereh peamei hashalom 8, Eilat
Schnitzeliya EilatDelicious homemade schnitzel08-6344474Midyan 8, Eilat
Quick Meat EilatMuch more than meat086376370Yotam, Eilat
Quickly Burger EilatKosher meat restaurant08-6344010054-2166063Hatmarim 2, Eilat
Kastiliano Restaurant EilatItalian pizza and ice-cream072-2502192Hamelaha 6, Eilat
Boulevard Cafe EilatWhere Paris meets Eilat08-6386699Antiv 5, Eilat
Bonita Cafe EilatFamily coffee shop057-5552750052-6817140Hatmarim 2, Eilat
Cafe Cafe (Mall Hayam) EilatCafe in the center mall08-6335151Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Greg Cafe (Queen of Sheba) EilatFinest coffee in Eilat08-6370304Dereh peamei hashalom 19, Eilat
Greg Cafe (Ice Mall) EilatMorning, noon and night08-6529885Kampen 6, Eilat
Tamarind Restaurant EilatIntimate breakfast08-6380000Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Tarshish 9 Retaurant EilatGrilled skewers with a modern twist08-6338081Tarshish 9, Eilat
Landwer Cafe EilatGreat coffee in a unique atmosphere03-7311311Kampen 6, Eilat
Neto Cafe EilatEnjoy a coffee break08-6340278Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Cafe Cafe (Red Canyon) EilatKosher restaurant and cafe08-6344790Hatmarim, Eilat
Cafe Cafe (Dan Hotel) EilatCoffee by the seashore08-6339643Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Barry's Pizza EilatPizza & Espresso08-6316696Dereh peamei hashalom 19, Eilat
Boston Restaurant EilatNew England Cuisine in Eilat08-6333007Dereh peamei hashalom 21, Eilat
Burgus Burger Bar Restaurant EilatAn American Diner in Eilat08-6529385Kampen 6, Eilat
Burger Ranch (Red Canyon) EilatFast food at the central business district*65751-700-700-600Hatmarim 4, Eilat
Burger Ranch (Spiral) EilatFast Food by the beach08-6337308050-6760791Dereh peamei hashalom 2, Eilat
Burger Ranch (King Solomon) EilatFast Food by the Marina08-6363444Antiv 4, Eilat
Burger Ranch (Royal Garden) EilatMunching by the pool08-6386666Antiv 6, Eilat
Burgers Bar Restaurant (Pninat Eilat) EilatKosher hamburgers*2242Dorban 8, Eilat
Bata'am Shel Kobi Restaurant EilatKobi's Taste08-6377468057-3713717Haheresh 11, Eilat
Big Apple Pizza EilatEast Coast Style08-6340423057-9441742Hatmarim 6, Eilat
Bzi Cafe EilatCafe-Bistro-Bar08-6370948Hatmarim 11, Eilat
Beef Baguette EilatCentral Town Sandwiches08-6635333Hatmarim, Eilat
Beit Ha-Sabich EilatThe ultimate combination08-6338090Hanagar 1, Eilat
Barbari Restaurant EilatClubbers' Choice08-6315555Yotam 1, Eilat
Baruch The Fisherman Restaurant EilatStraight out of the fishing rod08-6375331052-2769749Izmaragd, Eilat
Little Brazil Restaurant EilatCarnivore's Delight08-6372018Eylot 3, Eilat
Burgerim Restaurant EilatAlways more than one*4999Dereh peamei hashalom 15, Eilat
Giraffe Restaurant EilatNoodle Bar08-6316583Dereh peamei hashalom, Eilat
Daddy’s Sandwich Bar Eilat24/7 Sandwiches08-6317662Dereh peamei hashalom 2, Eilat
Duda Restaurant EilatThe Craving08-6330389Dorban 10, Eilat
Domino's Pizza EilatIt's Fresh. It's Domino's1700-707070Tarshish 16, Eilat
Denis Restaurant EilatKosher Fish and Grill08-6379898Kampen 12, Eilat
Habaget Halohet EilatEilat's Hot Baguette Delivery077-4405250Malkat shva, Eilat
Pazit’s Homemade Jachnun EilatThe Ultimate Saturday Brunch Delivery077-5320849052-4382609Sara imenu 17, Eilat
HaKarich EilatFresh Sandwiches at the Mall08-6334466Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Hallelujah Restaurant EilatConnects the Far East and North AfricaYotam 4, Eilat
Israel's Buffet EilatThe Israeli Experience08-6334286Hatvuna 14, Eilat
Eddie’s Hide-a-way Restaurant EilatAn International Experience072-334-1119Hamasger 2, Eilat
HaMitbach Restaurant EilatReality, Fusion, Gourmet08-6380000Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Itzik's Kitchen Restaurant EilatMoroccan Cuisine08-6332134050-3902132Habanai 1, Eilat
HaMasger 5 Restaurant EilatSimply Gourmet08-6349788Hamasger 5, Eilat
The Last Refuge Restaurant EilatTreasures from the sea08-637243708-6373627Turkiz, Eilat
Mexicani EilatKosher tortillas and more1-700-50-50-33Yotam 1, Eilat
HaSod Shel Shoshana Jachnun EilatShoshana's Secret08-6334069057-4443338Hamelaha 5, Eilat
HaPilpeliya Restaurant EilatHome Cooking and Catering08-6372510052-7929960Hamusar 65, Eilat
HaKebab Shel Gabriel Restaurant EilatReal Home Cooking08-8663939Hahotrim, Eilat
Shawarma HaShamen EilatThe Fat Man's Shawarma08-6344736Dorban 4, Eilat
HaTarnegol Restaurant EilatAll You Can Eat Rotisserie08-6379898Kampen 12, Eilat
Wasabi Sushi Bar EilatAsian at the heart of town08-6323062Anafa 1, Eilat
Zaza Cafe EilatThe nocturnal choice08-6376222Yotam 2, Eilat
Hummus HaGamal EilatHomemade hummus and more08-8678641050-7700720Hatmarim, Eilat
Hummusof Restaurant EilatFreshly made hummus077-7992120Hatvuna 14, Eilat
Toast Ba-Ir EilatToast Ba-Ir EilatHatmarim 11, Eilat
Yamigos Restaurant EilatKosher home cooking08-6343239Hamusar 11, Eilat
Yakimono Restaurant EilatThe Japanese Experience08-6368780Dereh peamei hashalom 19, Eilat
Yam Burger EilatBurger by the beachDereh peamei hashalom 12, Eilat
Yam Shel Cafe EilatEspresso Bar057-9441655Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Israelit Restaurant EilatIsraeli-Mediterranean Cuisine08-6386666Antiv, Eilat
Kmo Babait Restaurant EilatNorth African Cuisine08-6377582Habursekai 9, Eilat
Lafale EilatThe Carnivore's Choice057-9441752Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Lawrence Restaurant EilatLegendary, Kosher, Gourmet08-6380115Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Maafe Neeman EilatDairy Restaurant and Bakery, Jerusalem Style08-6482444057-5558485Hatmarim 2, Eilat
Moses Restaurant EilatAmerican Diner in Eilat*9449Shvil hayam 4, Eilat
Eliran Buffet EilatHome cooking at the industrial zone08-6317777Habanai 4, Eilat
La Cream Bakery Shop EilatBoutique Bakery Shop-Midyan 8, Eilat
Mika Restaurant EilatHappy Sushi08-6337244Shvil hayam 3, Eilat
Manga EilatNoodles Express08-6325255Dereh peamei hashalom 1, Eilat
HaMifratz Restaurant EilatThe Gulf Restaurant08-6374545Hatoren, Eilat
Maman Beach Restaurant EilatGrilled fish at the beach08-6371912Dereh peamei hashalom 14, Eilat
Lalo Restaurant EilatMoroccan Delight08-6330578Horev 259, Eilat
Mifgash HaFalafel EilatThe Israeli Experience08-6325181Anafa 1, Eilat
Marina Grill Restaurant EilatMediterranean Cuisine057-9442988Antiv 5, Eilat
Mifgash Shahamon HaHadash EilatKosher Fast Food077-5413917Bnei israel 4, Eilat
News Coffee Restaurant EilatKosher Dairy and Fish08-6349999Kamen 1, Eilat
Nine Beach Restaurant EilatMakes your life better072-3944054Tarshish 6, Eilat
Sbarro Pizza EilatItalian Fast Food052-6664160Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Sabrest Restaurant EilatMeat me at the beachIzmaragd 1, Eilat
Sushi Mushi EilatKosher Asian Sushi Bar08-6522255Kampen 8, Eilat
Steak BePita EilatFeeding the hungry for over 30 years08-6373397Anafa 1, Eilat
Sivuv BaGrill EilatIsraeli Grill08-6344639Hapalmah 1, Eilat
Pizza Prego Eilat24/7 Pizza08-85300441700-50-80-50Anafa 1, Eilat
Speedo Bar Cafe EilatMore than just bathing suits08-6377975Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Uga Chaga Cafe EilatCoffee Shop, Bakery and Dairy Restaurant08-6373463050-9967100Eylot 56, Eilat
Steakhouse EilatKosher Grill08-6347005Hatmarim 1, Eilat
Pago Pago Restaurant EilatSince 198608-6376660Hamaim 99, Eilat
Pedro Restaurant EilatWine Bar & Bistro08-6379504057-9428623Yeelim 14, Eilat
Portioli Cafe EilatThe Italian Experience08-6636365Kampen 6, Eilat
Pizza Aladdin EilatThe Legendary Pizza08-6349961Ein Yahav 4, Eilat
Pizza Bali EilatThe Clubbers' Choice08-6376222Yotam 3, Eilat
Pizza Del Pierro EilatHalf Italian, half Yemenite, 100% Eilati08-6347555054-6520432Anafa 1, Eilat
Pizza Hut EilatWorld Wide Pizza1700506070Hapnina, Eilat
Pizza Tonino EilatKosher and Delicious08-6332071Agas 24, Eilat
Pizza Las Vegas EilatLas Vegas meets Shachamon077-3458082Sheshet Hayamim 294, Eilat
Pizza Lek EilatThe Eilati Pizza08-6341330Hatmarim 134, Eilat
Pizza Monte Carlo EilatPizza Bar077-4003075052-6377464Malkat shva 3, Eilat
Pizza Meter EilatSelling pizzas by the meter08-6344122Heil hahandasa 6, Eilat
Pizza Milano EilatOpen 24 hours a day08-6376999Yotam 4, Eilat
Pizza Factory EilatExtremely Fresh08-9512020Barnea, Eilat
Pizzaliano EilatNocturnal Pizza and More08-6341666/ 555Yotam 1, Eilat
Cafe Cafe (Ice Mall) EilatDairy Restaurant and Coffee Shop08-6525255Kampen 6, Eilat
Kakao Cafe (King Solomon) EilatCafe BistroAntiv 3, Eilat
Kakao Cafe (Ice Mall) EilatMore than a coffee shopKampen 8, Eilat
Ranch House Restaurant EilatAmerican Diner in Eilat08-6368989Shvil hayam 3, Eilat
Roastbis EilatKosher Sandwich Bar08-6370714Hatmarim 2, Eilat
Rafaelo EilatRestaurant, bar and nightclubYotam 1, Eilat
Rak Besarim Restaurant EilatButcher's Restaurant08-6223272Tarshish 7, Eilat
Rak Dagim Restaurant EilatThe Greek Fisherman08-6337450050-5382343Tarshish 7, Eilat
Shato Restaurant EilatFusion Restaurant and Bar08-6332666050-8086993Shvil hayam 6, Eilat
Shawarma Itzik EilatThe Strictly Kosher Diner08-6323231Hatmarim 56, Eilat
Shawarma Auni Yaffo EilatThe Real Thing08-6376555Yotam 8, Eilat
Diego Bar & Grill Restaurant EilatSouth America in Eilat077-3313551Hahotrim 8, Eilat
Baguette HaPa'amon EilatJerusalem Style Baguette08-6715588Dorban 6, Eilat
Tre’s Jolie Cafe EilatFrom France with Love08-6529199Hamelaha 6, Eilat
Togarashi Restaurant EilatSushi & Wok08-9333931Hasatat 20, Eilat
Burgers Bar Restaurant (Big) Eilat(B)on Appetite!*2242Hasatat 20, Eilat
Shawarma HaOman EilatMaster of Shawarma08-6372411050-4001127Hasatat 20, Eilat
Shawarma Pilpel EilatAuthentic Street Food08-6371166052-2678452Hatmarim 18, Eilat
Soomsoom Restaurant EilatThe vegetarian choice08-6356758Midyan 3, Eilat
Shibolim Cafe (Downtown) EilatCoffee shop and bakery08-6323932Eylot 39, Eilat
Shibolim Cafe (Shachamon) EilatThe perfect breakfast08-6337879Sheshet Hayamim 310, Eilat
Shipudey Eilat RestaurantKosher Israeli Grill08-6332211Kampen 6, Eilat
HaSchnitzeliya EilatKosher Schnitzel Delight08-6588991Kamen 12, Eilat
Shipudey HaBustan Restaurant EilatMiddle Eastern Kosher Grill08-636-2294Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat
Shipudey HaTikva Restaurant EilatThe Tel-Avivian ExperienceShvil hayam 6, Eilat
Shipudey Ezra & Sons Restaurant EilatThe Authentic Skewers Experience050-7113311Haoragim 75, Eilat
Shipudey Tzipora Restaurant EilatAuthentic Israeli Grill Restaurant08-6378228Kamen 10, Eilat
Chicago Restaurant EilatGrill Restaurant and Bar08-6306687Dereh peamei hashalom 19, Eilat