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Angelina Restaurant Eilat

Pizza and Pasta in the Marina

Angelina Eilat is an Italian restaurant offering a variety of traditional Italian dishes, gourmet atmosphere and affordable prices. Angelina Eilat offers a tempting menu where you can find a variety of appetizers, such as antipasto platter, focaccia bread and salads, pizzas with various toppings and of course - a selection of pastas and sauces from the Italian cuisine.
Angelina Eilat is a quiet restaurant that offers you the option of dining on the promenade adjacent to the marina, where you can enjoy the enchanting view of boats and yachts docking in the pier. Alternatively, you can choose to sit inside the restaurant, elegantly designed to resemble the ambiance of Italy. Angelina Eilat offers you an experience of fine Italian food, pleasant atmosphere, excellent wine and kind service.


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