Eilat Restaurants

Falafel Avshi Eilat

Home of the Golden Falafel

Avshi Eilat is a falafel shop that prepares kosher Israeli fast food. Avshi Eilat is known for its signature dish, a one of a kind, crispy, gluten-free falafel. This dish is nicknamed "Golden Falafel" and is available only at Avshi Eilat. In addition, Avshi Eilat is known for its fresh ingredients, great atmosphere and personal service.
Avshi Eilat offers a full or halved serving of falafel, crispy schnitzel or shakshuka, traditionally served with humus, tahini, pickles, fresh salads and more. In Avshi Eilat, you can choose between pita bread and baguette, both are freshly baked and served straight out of the oven. You can also order 10 falafel balls as a separate dish, fresh hot dogs and more.


Contact info - Falafel Avshi Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6371637
  • address: Neviot 4, Eilat | (zufit)
  • oppennig hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10:30 to 22:30.