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Baguette Dolphin (Tourist Area) Eilat

Fresh, filling and delicious baguettes

Baguette Dolphin Eilat is a longstanding sandwich diner that opened its first branch in Eilat in 1980, and today it is an inseparable part of the restaurant scene in Eilat. Baguette Dolphin Eilat is famous for its always fresh, delicious and satisfying sandwiches. Meaty fillings include generous portions of meat like hot roast beef, schnitzel, duck, chicken, sausages, kebab and more, as well as various cold cuts, omelets and other additional fillings. All of these are served wrapped in a fresh, hot and crispy baguette that is baked at the restaurant.
Baguette Dolphin Eilat offers a variety of fresh salads and special sauces you can put in your sandwich. In addition, you can order a sandwich from the special sandwiches menu, a side dish of onion rings or fries, vegetable salads and more.

באגט דולפין (התיירות)

Contact info - Baguette Dolphin (Tourist Area) Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6373270
  • address: Yotam 1, Eilat | (eilat)
  • oppennig hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 to 02:00, Friday: 10:00 until the Sabbath, Saturday: Saturday until 02:00.