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Bar Beach Restaurant Eilat

Delicious meals and wonderful sea breeze

Bar Beach Eilat is a bar and restaurant which serves delicious food on the Red Sea, and managed by Chef Ariel Ulitzky. Bar Beach Eilat offers a large and versatile menu which includes seafood and fish, breakfasts, mezze, Middle Eastern cuisine, Mexican food, meals for kids and more. There is also a bar offering a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
The atmosphere in Bar Beach Eilat is perfect for any occasion, whether you are dining with your family, enjoying a romantic dinner or just hanging out with friends. Diners sit on the pier in a shaded area that is perfectly located in a strategic part of the beach. There is a constant cool sea breeze which allows you to enjoy a meal at Bar Beach Eilat even on the hottest day. The place can also be booked for special occasions of up to 250 people.

בר ביץ'

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