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Beit Ha-Sabich Eilat

The ultimate combination

The Sabich origin comes from the Jewish-Iraqi cuisine, and combines the best elements of the Middle Eastern foods: Pita bread, hummus, tahini, fried eggplants, Israeli salad, hard boiled eggs, amba (spicy mango chutney), Yemenite hot sauce and sometimes potatoes.
Sabich is one of the most popular street foods in Israel. Beit Ha-Sabich Eilat offers many other street foods too, such as Felafel, Hummus-Full, shakshuka, shnitzel and more. All is extra fresh, clean and available in pita bread, baguette or on a plate.

בית הסביח

Contact info - Beit Ha-Sabich Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6338090
  • fax: 08-6338090
  • address: Hanagar 1, Eilat | (Old industrial area)
  • oppennig hours: Вс-чт – 08.00-19.00, пт – с 08.00 до начала шабата