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Entrecote Express (Resko Center) Eilat

Take the meat with you

Entrecote Express Eilat is a takeaway restaurant that prepares and deliveries meat straight to you. Entrecote Express Eilat offers a selection of grilled meat dishes, devoted to the meat the restaurant is named after.
Entrecote Express Eilat offers a menu of beef and chicken, spring chicken, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and more. You can also find tortillas, meat sandwiches, kids meals, desserts and a variety of other delicious dishes. The meals are served with drinks and side dishes you can select from the menu, including salads, onion rings, fries, chicken wings and more. You can order a takeaway meal at Entrecote Express Eilat and take it with you, or have it delivered directly to your location, so you can enjoy the fine meat anytime, anywhere.

אנטריקוט אקספרס  (מרכז רסקו)

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