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Erlich Eilat

More than just a sandwich

Ehrlich Eilat is a restaurant that knows a sandwich is more than just a piece of meat between two slices of bread. Ehrlich Eilat restaurant menu offers you delicious meat sandwiches such as roast beef, turkey breast either marinated in honey, Italian salami, meatballs house, entrecote and more. Each sandwich consists of crispy ciabatta bread baked on the spot, or if you prefer, toasted bread or tortilla.
If you are interested in a lighter meal, Ehrlich Eilat also offers chicken, merguez or chorizo sausages , side dishes like onion rings, roasted potatoes and chicken wings, as well as healthy or warm salads and more. All the dishes in the menu are kosher, so anyone can come to Erlich Eilat and enjoy excellent sandwiches any time of the day.


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