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Falafel Factory Eilat

Healthy green falafel

Falafel Factory Eilat is one of three branches of the Green Factory chain in Eilat, which includes two falafel shops and a pizza parlor. Falafel Factory Eilat prepares a very special falafel that does not contain bread or gluten, but instead is filled with fresh vegetables that make it both a nutritious and healthy meal.
In addition to the excellent falafel, Falafel Factory Eilat restaurant offers crisp schnitzel or shakshuka, served in a freshly baked baguette or pita bread. You can also enjoy a variety of side dishes and salads, such as hummus, tahini, Schug, pickled lemon, spicy Moroccan salad, chopped vegetable salad, fried eggplant, fried peppers, fresh parsley and more.

פלאפל פקטורי (איזידור)

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