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Falafel Factory Shachamon Eilat

Beloved local falafel

Falafel Factory Shachamon Eilat is one of three branches of the Eilati Factory chain, one that includes two falafel shops and a pizzeria. Falafel Factory Shachamon Eilat offers diners a special green falafel made on the spot. In Falafel Factory Eilat you will find the crispy falafel with lots of fresh vegetables and a unique flavor, and no trace of bread crumbs or gluten. Falafel Factory Eilat also offers freshly baked pita bread, making the whole place fill with mouth watering baking and frying aromas.
Being a warm and cozy establishment, Falafel Factory Eilat attracts a large number of people from the neighborhood and other areas in Eilat. Anyone can come and enjoy the unique flavor of the delicious and healthy falafel.

פלאפל פקטורי (שחמון)

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