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Froyke Buffet Eilat

Custom made sandwiches

Froyke Eilat is a sandwich bar located in the heart of the tourist area of Eilat. Froyke Eilat allows you to choose your own custom made sandwich – you can choose the type of bread, the type of meat, the degree of roasting the method of preparation (stir fried or on the grill). In addition, you can choose from a selection of sauces and fresh salads to go along with your sandwich in a variety of endless combinations. At Froyke Eilat, dishes are made on the spot and in front of the diner, using the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. You can be confident you will order and get the perfect sandwich for you. Although the place is open on Saturday and does not carry kosher certification, the Froyke Eilat menu consists of kosher food.


Contact info - Froyke Buffet Eilat:

  • phone: 077-5060595
  • fax: 077-5060399
  • address: Yotam 1, Eilat | (eilat)
  • oppennig hours: All week, except Sundays: 11:00 till last customer.