Eilat Restaurants

Ginger Restaurant Eilat

Asian restaurant and bar

Ginger Eilat is an Asian restaurant that offers various Far Eastern cuisine in one menu: Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other traditional cuisines from the region. Ginger Eilat has authentic Asian-styled decor with a sushi and beverage bar at the center of the restaurant. You can enjoy excellent rice or noodle based meals (with beef, chicken or seafood of your choice), traditional appetizers such as gyoza, spring rolls, soups and more. In addition, you can order every type of sushi available, and even create a sushi roll according to your own personal taste.
For those who prefer to enjoy the flavors of the Far East in the comfort of their home, Ginger Eilat offers to deliver the food straight to you. For those who prefer to sit in the restaurant, Ginger Eilat ensures a genuine Asian experience with traditional sweet salads, chopsticks, Japanese wines, steak dishes made according to Japanese standards and a variety of additions that will make your experience authentic and enjoyable.


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