Eilat Restaurants

Habaget Halohet Eilat

Eilat's Hot Baguette Delivery

As the name of this diner suggests, Habaget Halohet's expertise is in preparing hot sandwiches in baguettes which are baked there on a daily basis. The sandwich menu includes various meat fillings, such as schnitzels, hamburgers, sausages, chicken and more, and includes fresh salads and sauces.
In addition, Ha-baguette HaLohet also delivers snacks, candies, cigarettes and even alcohol. At its compound (Eilat Towers “Migdaley Eilat”) there is a small bar called Bar Ba-Midbar (Desert Bar), which offers internet services.
Recommended Sandwich: Baguette Meorav, also known as “Jerusalem Mixed Grill”.

הבאגט הלוהט

Contact info - Habaget Halohet Eilat:

  • phone: 077-4405250
  • address: Malkat shva , Eilat | (orim / maarav 2)
  • oppennig hours: 12:00 - 02:00 every day, "Bar Bamidbar" is open until 04:00