Eilat Restaurants

Shawarma HaShamen Eilat

The Fat Man's Shawarma

Shawarma HaShamen Eilat is the local branch of HaShamen Israeli street food chain. HaShamen (Hebrew word for “the fat man”) specializes in Shawarma and serves three different kinds of Shawarma: turkey, chicken and veal in different sizes: pita bread, baguette and lafa (a very large pita). In addition, Shawarma HaShamen also serves vegetarian options, such as felafel, homemade hummus and salad.
Shawarma HaShamen chain is dedicated to the people. That is reflected at the fine service and the company being involved in the community.
Recommended dish: Mixed Shawarma in Lafa.


Contact info - Shawarma HaShamen Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6344736
  • address: Dorban 4, Eilat | (North Beach)
  • website: www.hashamen.com/
  • oppennig hours: Sunday - Thursday 11:30 to 02:00, and 11:30 to 16:00, Saturday 20:00 to 02:00