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Mifgash HaFalafel Eilat

The Israeli Experience

Mifgash HaFalafel Eilat (Falafel meeting point) is located at Alef neighborhood, one of the first neighborhoods of Eilat. As a restaurant located at a residential area, in oppose to the touristic restaurants, the atmosphere at Mifgash HaFalafel Eilat is super authentic and friendly.
As the name implies, the menu is based on the combination of falafel, fresh salads and crispy French fries. However, other sandwiches, such as grilled chicken, liver, kebab, hot dogs and more, are available as well.
Recommended Pita: Falafel with hummus, fries and salads.

מפגש הפלאפל

Contact info - Mifgash HaFalafel Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6325181
  • fax: 08-6342777
  • address: Anafa 1, Eilat | (zufit)
  • oppennig hours: Sunday - Thursday 10:00 -24:00, Friday until an hour before Shabbat,