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Neto Cafe Eilat

Enjoy a coffee break

In the heart of Mall Hayam, you will find an attractive little coffee shop called Cafe Neto Eilat. At Cafe Neto Eilat, you have a chance to take a short break from shopping, and enjoy a cup of excellent coffee and a light snack.
In addition to coffee, Cafe Neto Eilat offers you a selection of beverages and juices: Chococcino, Ice Coffee, Vanilla Latte, freshly squeezed orange juice, carrot juice and more. At Cafe Neto Eilat you can also order from a selection of freshly baked pastries, healthy sandwiches, and salads with your choice of toppings, rich cakes and homemade cookies. Cafe Neto Eilat offers you a moment of peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of the Mall, as well as delicious snacks to help you maintain your energy.

קפה נטו

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