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Pazit’s Homemade Jachnun Eilat

The Ultimate Saturday Brunch Delivery

The Jachnun's origin comes from the Jewish Yemenite cuisine. According to the Jewish law, cooking is prohibited at Saturdays. Add that to the fact that the Yemenite Jews suffered from poverty, and you'll understand the Jachnun concept: a roll of dough, cooked overnight in a very low heat, and served with hot sauce, grated tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg.
Pazit’s Homemade Jachnun keeps authenticity. The dough, puff pastry, is made out of scratch, as well as her green skhug (hot Yemenite sauce).
Recommended dish: Five Jachnuns will arrive with a free large Coca-Cola bottle.

הג'חנון הביתי של פזית

Contact info - Pazit’s Homemade Jachnun Eilat:

  • phone: 077-5320849
  • cellular: 052-4382609
  • address: Sara imenu 17, Eilat | (shachamon - rova 9)
  • contact person: Pazit
  • oppennig hours: Fri+ Sat, continuous 0:00-16:00