Eilat Restaurants

Pizza Factory Eilat

Extremely Fresh

Pizza Factory Eilat is owned by the local chain of restaurants “Factory Eilat” which include, in addition to the pizzeria, two falafel restaurants. The high standards of this local chain apply at Pizza Factory Eilat as well as in the other restaurants, and include freshness, cleanliness, good taste, professional service and low prices.
For an example to the low prices policy, the large variety of pizza toppings is offered without any limit or extra payment.
In addition to pizza, the menu at Pizza Factory Eilat includes garlic bread, pastries and salads.
Recommended Pizza: Chili Peppers and Black Olives.

פיצה פקטורי

Contact info - Pizza Factory Eilat:

  • phone: 08-9512020
  • address: Barnea , Eilat | (dekel)
  • contact person: Guy
  • website: www.facebook.com/factorygruop
  • oppennig hours: Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 to 01:00, Saturday: Half an hour after Shabbat until 01:00.