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HaSchnitzeliya Eilat

Kosher Schnitzel Delight

HaSchnitzeliya Eilat is owned by the Israeli popular chain of restaurants “HaSchnitzeliya” which was founded at the beginning of the 21st century. HaSchniteliya Eilat is operated according to the chain's standards and puts an emphasis on cleanliness and freshness. The restaurant offers crispy schnitzels, made of 100% chicken fillets in seven different flavors, as well as a large variety of Middle Eastern meat based courses, including Shawarma and kebab.
Delivery service is available to all parts of town.
Recommended Schnitzel: French Style Schnitzel, with Dijon mustard.

השניצליה (מתחם רד)

Contact info - HaSchnitzeliya Eilat:

  • phone: 08-6588991
  • address: Kamen 12, Eilat | (North Beach)