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Shawarma HaOman Eilat

Master of Shawarma

Shawarma HaOman Eilat is located at the Big Shopping Center, and offers a quick and filling snack while you're doing your shopping. The atmosphere is pleasant and homely, the service is courteous and quick, and the ingredients are super fresh and of a high standard.
In addition to shawarma, Shawarma HaOman Eilat offers various meat sandwiches, such as schnitzel, pullet and more, served in pita bread, baguette, lafa (a very large pita bread) or in a plate, with side dishes such as french fries and lots of fresh vegetable salads.
Shawarma HaOman Eilat offers option for the vegetarians as well – gold crispy falafel balls.
Recommended dish: Lafa Shawarma, if you dare!

שווארמה האומן

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