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Shipudey Ezra & Sons Restaurant Eilat

The Authentic Skewers Experience

Shipudey Ezra & Sons Eilat is the local branch of the Israeli chain of grill restaurants, located at the industrial zone of Eilat. The concept of Shipudey Ezra&Sons is based on serving the best meat skewers in the most friendly and fair prices.
Although the menu is based on meat skewers, Shipudey Ezra and Sons offer a few vegetarian options as well, such as french-fries, salads and delicious vegetable skewers. In addition, the restaurant offers a full delivery service to all parts of town.
Recommended Skewers: Entrecote, Mallard Breast, Goose Liver.

שיפודי עזרא ובניו

Contact info - Shipudey Ezra & Sons Restaurant Eilat:

  • cellular: 050-7113311
  • address: Haoragim 75, Eilat | (Old industrial area)
  • oppennig hours: 11:00-22:00