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Shipudey Tzipora Restaurant Eilat

Authentic Israeli Grill Restaurant

Located at the Americana Hotel, in a walking distance from the peaceful Marina and the north beach promenade, Shipudey Tzipora Eilat restaurant offers a large variety of grilled fish, meats, skewers and special appetizers, served with freshly baked pita bread. In addition, Shipudey Tzipora Eilat offers a rich and kosher deserts menu.
As a kosher restaurant, Shipudey Tzipora Eilat (Tzipora's Skewers) is closed at fridays, and re open at Saturday night, from 20:00 until midnight. Otherwise, the restaurant is operated every day from noon till midnight.
Recommended dish: Beef Filet Skewer.

שיפודי ציפורה

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