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Tarshish 9 Retaurant Eilat

Grilled skewers with a modern twist

Tarshish 9 Eilat is a modern Israeli grill restaurant which combines aromas of traditional Arab cuisine with a modern upgraded design. Tarshish 9 Eilat offers you a rich menu. The first course offers 12 kinds of salads that are freshly cut and made only from fresh ingredients, as well as bread that’s freshly baked in a special stone oven. After savoring the starters, Tarshish 9 Eilat allows you to choose from a variety of fine meats, including chicken skewers, hear skewers, liver skewers, entrecote, fillet of beef, kebabs, veal sweetbreads and more. In addition to the meat, you will be served hummus and homemade pickles. For vegetarians, there is also a dish of bream fillet on the grill.
Tarshish 9 Eilat allows you to watch the magic happen in front of you - the restaurant has an open kitchen where diners get to watch the cooks chop, bake and roast food with great pleasure.

תרשיש 9

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